By Chuck Gomez, MD

Experts say oral sex can lead to weight loss

In my native country of El Salvador, there is a saying that translates roughly as, “Eat from the wrong table and you may eat the wrong food.” I always think of this saying when asked by my patients about oral sex. The most common question I get from my young patients is, “Is it okay to have oral sex on the first date?” Not surprisingly, the general public would expect the answer to be “no”. However, from a scientific perspective, oral sex on the first date can actually be less risky than kissing a stranger.


Because of the religious stigmas regarding sex that have been imposed on people throughout the ages, the human genitalia are often looked upon with fear and as something dirty. However, the vagina, the anus, and the penis are the parts of the body harboring the least amount of bacteria. I have recommended my teenage patients to consider oral sex along with abstinence in order to limit unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, even oral sex has its risks and they can be magnified when you are performing it on a stranger on the first date. The blood starts flowing, the mind starts racing, and the human body becomes overcome with erotic sensations and sexual contact. It’s almost inevitable.

Health Benefits

Some experts have concluded that anilingus, oral sexual stimulation of the anus, is probably the least risky form of oral sex for those that wish to be adventurous on a first date. This may seem ironic to some; clearly because of the fact that excrement is ejected from the anal cavity. But, it is precisely because of this function that most people very meticulously clean their anus and anal cavity. As a result of this, the anal cavity is more likely to be the cleanest part of the body of a stranger you happen to have the hots for. If you’re still a little wary about having intercourse on the first date, anilingus might be the way to go. Patients that practice anilingus regularly have also reported sudden weight loss with no ill effects. This has led some scientists to speculate that certain enzymes ingested from the rectum during oral sex may speed up metabolism and cause healthy weight loss in humans. Tests are currently being conducted on chimpanzees in an attempt to verify the apparent connection between healthy weight loss and oral stimulation of the anal cavity.

Proper Inspection

Some patients have expressed that anilingus is also less risky because it is easy to detect the cleanliness of the anus simply by smelling it. Usually, if there is a strong foul smell, it is possible that the anus is not clean. But, don’t be so quick to dismiss your partner over a foul smelling anus. In some cases the foul smell has just been a result of flatulence and not uncleanliness. It is recommended that acts of anilingus be performed before meals in order to reduce flatulence and assure a pleasant experience.