By: Zeferino Jackson

Most boxing experts interviewed believe Jackson would have defeated Prince possibly by knockout. Jackson was taller, had blinding speed, and would probably pick Prince apart from the outside. Sources close to Jackson in the past indicate Jackson was a great fan of the sport of boxing and had great hand technique as well as footwork. When news came out about Jackson's potential in the ring and a rumored ring debut, several world champions were concerned because of his hand and foot speed.

On June 25, 2009, pop superstar and legendary entertainer Michael Jackson died because of apparent complications from prescription medicines. Fans all over the world mourned his death. With the loss of Jackson we lost a great musician and unknown to many we may have lost a potentially great boxer.

Ever since Jackson's "Beat It" video where he was shown demonstrating great agility, throwing crisp jabs, right hands and even kicks, there has been much speculation over his potential fighting ability as a boxer or even a UFC practitioner. Jackson was even featured as a boxer in Midway's video game "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2". There has even been speculation on the Internet regarding a potential fight between Jackson and Prince.


In many circles, Jackson was considered almost Bruce Lee-ish and the Beat it video in which he defeats multiple attackers is believed by many to be taken from true events in his life. Those that questioned Jackson's fighting spirit needed only to see his performance in the final minutes of the "Black and White" video where Jackson unleashes unholy destruction on a car while demonstrating a plethora of martial arts techniques. 

I've been covering boxing for over thirty years and I believe that only a young Hector Camacho displayed the hand speed that Michael Jackson had. If Julio Cesar Chavez had problems with Meldrick Taylor, imagine what Jackson would have done to him.
The world continues to mourn the death of the King of Pop and possibly the greatest fighter of all time.

Experts claim Michael Jackson was a natural boxer and could have been world champ